A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration. The remainder of the team fee is due by the third game. If not paid by the third game, the team may be required to forfeit games until the fee is paid.

U6 – $330 per team
U7-U10 – $430 per team (5v5 Half Field)
U7-U14 – $635 per team (Full Field)
U15 – Adult – $650 per team

Rosters are due by your first game, although you may add players to your rosters up to your third game. Your United States Indoor roster and game sheets must match exactly. Players added to your game sheet after the third game will be considered “illegal” players. It is the responsibility of the Coach/Captain to add players to the US Indoor roster. Adding a player to the “game sheet” does not make that player “legal”. Roster and Waiver must be completed in order to receive a 1st place t-shirt.

The Coach/Captain of a team playing illegal players will receive a one game suspension. (In special situations, the management may allow a team to add players after their third game, in which case the Captain must seek permission to add prior to game day).

Rosters are limited to 18 players. Apex Sports Center (ASC) management may deny a team and/or individual registration in a league.

Players must play in proper age group or they will be considered an illegal player. Teams playing illegal players will forfeit any games in which they play.

A player may not play on more than one team in a division.


  • U5/6 – 4 players
  • U8 – 9 players
  • U10 – 8 players
  • U12 – 7 players
  • U14 – 7 players
  • U16 – 6 players (Boys) / 7 Players (Girls)
  • U19 – 6 players (Boys) / 7 Players (Girls)
  • Coed and Women – 7 players
  • Men – 6 players

Everyone entering the player’s box must have a US Indoor I.D. Card – this includes coaches. Only turn in ID CARDS to the timekeeper/referee of players that are playing in the game. Please take cards off of your ring and give to timekeeper. A maximum of two coaches will be allowed in the players’ box and they must both have I.D. Cards.

Any player who uses other players I.D. Card in a game will be suspended from play at Apex Sports Center for a minimum of one week. The I.D. Card will be confiscated by the Scorekeeper or the Referee and turned in at the front desk. Youth and Adult IDs are $26. ID Cards are only valid for use at Apex Indoor Sports Center.

Each game played at Apex Sports Center will consist of one referee. Referee fees are not included with registration and will be paid to the referee by both teams prior to each game as follows:

  • U7-U14 teams referee fees per game – $8.00
  • U15-Adult teams referee fees per game – $10.00
  • (U5/6) league – Staff or Parents will ref each game)

Referees must be paid for game even if team forfeits. Teams that forfeit must pay the referee regardless and will not be allowed to play their next game until referee fee from forfeited game is paid. Referee decisions are final. Referee misconduct may be reported at the front desk.

A division consists of 4 to 10 teams of similar age, sex and competitive level. Divisions are formed by Apex Sports Center on a first come basis.

A division consists of 4 to 10 teams of similar age, sex and competitive level. Divisions are formed by Apex Sports Center on a first come basis.

Any player, coach or spectator may be ejected from the building if the Facility Manager or referee feels that they are being disruptive.

Any player receiving a red card will not be allowed to play in any game for the remainder of the day/night the card is received. Management will then decide full suspension depending on the red card infraction.

Games that are called prior to the end of that game due to unruly coaches, players, and/or, fans/spectators will automatically go down as a forfeit to the team that is causing the cancellation.

Standings are based on the following point system:

  • 2 points for each win
  • 1 point for each tie
  • 0 points for each loss

Any tie in the standings will be broken by:

  • head to head competition
  • goal differential between tied teams (goals scored minus goals against)
  • goal differential using all games in session (goals scored minus goals against up to 3 goals)
  • least total goals against using all games
  • most total goals using all games.

Teams not ready to take the field at game time could be made to forfeit. When a forfeit occurs, the opposing team will be awarded a 6-0 win (2 pts). The team that forfeits will be given a loss (0 points)

The minimum number of players needed to avoid a forfeit is as follows:

  • U6 – Adult 2 less than maximum #
  • Co-ed Goalie & 4 field players – one field player must be a female, however, no male players are required, therefore, all field players could be women.

When availaible, the indoor field may be rented for $65 for 1 hour practice session for teams registered with ASC, $75 for non-registered teams.

The fee is payable before the team enters the field.

No spitting is allowed. Spitting is a foul – opposing team will be awarded possession of the ball. First offense is a warning, second offense is a yellow card, and the third offense is suspension for the rest of the season.

ANY OFFENSE IS A MINIMUM SUSPENSION OF TWO LEAGUES AT ASC. ASC management/disciplinary committee have final say on all fines and suspensions. No refund of any kind will be given. Management will determine if player ejected will need to leave the facility.

A penalty will be accessed for the first two offenses (per player); a third offense will result in a blue card. Excessive offenses will result in a red card. Exception: Goalies will not be penalized if the slide tackling is committed in his/her own penalty area and not done in a dangerous manner.

Any player receiving two 2-minute penalties in the same game receives an automatic Yellow Card. No player is allowed to leave the penalty box until their penalty time has elapsed. Any player leaving the penalty box will be ejected. After any player ejection for any reason, the referee will turn in ID card and fill out a misconduct report at the front desk at the end of his/her games. The ejected player must call ASC to find out his/her suspension and/or fine. When player satisfies the penalty given, then he/she can continue playing.

Players on each team must have shirts with the same body color and at least a 6″ number. Numbers must be permanent (no taped numbers). Each player must be assigned his own number. NO DUPLICATE NUMBERS ALLOWED!!

Each team should have alternate shirts available. Alternate jerseys must have a number.

In case of color conflicts the HOME TEAM will change shirts. ASC does not supply alternate jerseys.

Knee braces must have covered hinges. This includes plastic and metal hinges.


An individual may play on any indoor team regardless of his outdoor affiliation. Neither a release nor permission is required for any individual to play on any indoor team. Also, an individual may play on any number of indoor teams as long as he/she does not play on more than one team in the same division.

Teams playing in an over 30 division may carry TWO players who are not 30 years of age. These players must be 28 years old by the first game of the current session. All other players must be 30 years old by the 1st game of the current session. Any player not meeting these requirements will be considered an “illegal player”. If it is discovered that a team is playing more than 2 players under the age of 30, the team will forfeit every game won after the illegal player was added.


Over 40 division every player will be 40 years of age or older.

All players who play in an adult league must be 18 years or older. Teams may place a player on their roster that is younger than 18, but that player can not participate in an adult league game until they turn 18.

Youth divisions will receive awards for 1st place. Under 14 and older may receive t-shirts for 1st place only. 2nd place awards will be issued through Under 14.

Adult leagues will receive t-shirts for 1st place only. Awards will be presented only to those players who actually participated in four or more games with the winning team, completed roster, and signed the waiver . Teams may carry up to 18 players on their roster; however, awards will not be presented to players who did not play at least four games. T-shirt sizes must be added to the Rosters, if there is no size listed out beside a name an XLarge will be ordered for that player.

All kicks are direct. Pass back: If a team intentionally kicks the ball back to the goalie, the goalie may not handle the ball. Ball may be kicked backwards from place-kick.

All games shall be played in accordance with the United States Indoor Soccer Association Rules for Indoor Play with the exception of any previously stated House Rules. U5/6 teams will play games across the field. Approximate size of field is 50′ x 85′.

Each game (U8-Adult) will consist of two 20-minute halves, with a one minute half time. The clock will stop with any whistle during the last 2 minutes of the game. If in case of weather or other circumstance, a game is stopped during play, the game is official after 20 minutes have been played. If it is stopped before the end of the first half, it will be rescheduled.

Free substitutions are allowed throughout the game. The player leaving the field must cross the line in front of player benches before new player enters. After a goal is scored, multiple substitutions are allowed as long as the players leave the field within 30 seconds.

If a player receives 3 fouls in a half (includes penalty box fouls), that player will serve a 5 minutes excessive foul penalty. NO exception on foul calls.

Any team receiving 6 fouls in one period will be penalized by the other team receiving a dribble-up penalty shot. The defending team will be required to stand inside the center circle and the offensive team will line up along the center line. Once the whistle blows the ball is live.

Bleeding is treated as an injury. Referee must stop game and the player must leave the field until the wound is covered and the bloody clothing removed.

Scheduling is set through a computer program. Scheduling considerations are considered but not promised.

FORFEITS will be assessed $12 for youth teams and $16 for adult teams (referee fee’s) to the team that forfeit’s without a 24 hour notice prior to game time. The assessed fee will be added on to your team fees and payable at the next game prior to play.