Indoor Soccer

Apex Sports Center is the premiere indoor soccer facility in Mansfield, Texas, and is part of the U.S. Indoor Soccer Association. We offer leagues and pick-up games for all ages year round.

Apex Sports Center offers all youth and adult divisions. All players must have an ID Card provided by Apex Sports Center to play. Players and teams may join at the beginning of any season.

Team Formation

Teams are formed by coaches and/or managers. Players do not have to be a registered outdoor player to play indoor soccer. Some players, both youth and adult, chose to play indoor only.

Individual adult players that do not belong to an existing team have two options. They can either come to our facility and put their name and contact information on our searching list for existing teams looking for players to contact them, or join one of the free agent teams assigned to each division. If enough people (minimum of 8) join the free agent team, then you all will play together as a new team. If there are not enough people, then you have the option of moving to a free agent team in another division to meet the minimum player requirements.

Individual youth player only have the option of coming to our facility and adding their names and contact information to the searching list. Free agent teams are not offered in the youth divisions.

Lunch Time Soccer

We offer pick up games on weekdays from 10am to 2pm. Open days are subject to vary depending on holidays and field rentals for camps and events.

Price is $10 per player for non members and $8 per player for members.

Field size will depend on how many players show up. If 20 or more players show up, the field will be split in two and two 5v5 games will run. If less then 20 show up, then it will be full field 7v7 format. Games will run in 20 minute intervals.

Zero tolerance for fighting! Violators will be suspended indefinitely!

Season Information

The current season being played right now is Spring and it started on Monday, March 12th, 2018.

We will be registering teams for our Summer I season from April 1, 2018 to Monday, May 11th, 2018.

The Summer I season will start on Monday, May 14th, 2018 and end on Sunday, July 15th, 2018.


Indoor Soccer Fees

Age GroupTeam FeeReferee FeesFormatMax RosterGames
U6$330.00No referee fees4 v 48 Players8
U7-U10 HALF FIELD$430.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)5 v 510 Players8
U7 FULL FIELD$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)9 v 918 Players8
U8 FULL FIELD$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)9 v 918 Players8
U9 FULL FIELD$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)9 v 918 Players8
U10 FULL FIELD$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)8 v 818 Players8
U11$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)8 v 818 Players8
U12$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)7 v 718 Players8
U13$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)7 v 718 Players8
U14$635.00$8.00 per game ($64.00 total)7 v 718 Players8
U15$650.00$10.00 per game ($80.00 total)7 v 718 Players8
U16 Girls$650.00$10.00 per game ($80.00 total)7 v 718 Players8
U16 Boys$650.00$10.00 per game ($80.00 total)6 v 618 Players8
U17-U19$650.00$10.00 per game ($80.00 total)6 v 618 Players8
Coed / Women$650.00$10.00 per game ($80.00 total)7 v 718 Players8
Men$650.00$10.00 per game ($80.00 total)6 v 618 Players8


ID Card Fees

All players and coaches must have an ID Card in order to coach or play indoor soccer. ID Cards are good 365 days from the day of purchase. All ID Cards must have a current photo of the player / coach. Apex can take a photo or you can upload your own while registering your individual accounts.

ID Card Fee$26.00