Guide to Indoor Soccer Terms

When you first learn indoor soccer, there are many terms to know.  Becoming familiar with the vocabulary will help you learn the game and understand what is said by coaches and referees. Below is a guide to the most basic terms you’ll come across in indoor soccer.


  • Goalkeeper: Also known as a goalie or keeper, a goalkeeper guards the goal box.
  • Defender: Defenders play in the back third of the field and try to keep the other team from scoring.
  • Forward: Forward players play nearer the opposing team’s goal and work to score goals.
  • Midfielder: Midfielders link defense and offense by passing and controlling the ball.

Field Terms

  • Goal Box: Rectangular area in front of the goal from which goal kicks must be taken.
  • Corner Arc: Quarter circle inside each of the four corners of the field from which corner kicks are made.
  • Penalty Area: Large area containing the goal box in which the goalie may handle the ball with his/her hands.
  • Midfield Line: Center line that divides the field in half.
  • End Line: The boundary line connecting corners along the field’s width.
  • Touchline: Boundary line connecting corners along the field’s length. Also known as the sideline.

Action and Play Terms

  • Cross: Also called a center pass, a cross is when the ball is passed toward the middle from either side of the field.
  • Charging: The act of running at another player in order to unbalance them.
  • Clearing: Moving the ball out of the goal area by kicking it or, in the case of the keeper, throwing it.
  • Feint: Also called faking. A move made to trick opposing players.
  • Foot Trap: Using the foot to control the ball while it’s rolling or bouncing low.
  • Header: When one hits the ball with one’s head.
  • Save: When a goalkeeper stops a shot that would have otherwise scored.
  • Shielding: Also called screening. When handling the ball, the player shields the ball with their own body.
  • Tackle: Taking the ball from another player by using the feet to kick or stop it.
  • Trap: Using one’s body to stop, slow down, or otherwise control a ball.

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