Best Activities for an Indoor Field

Indoor fields often see a great deal of use throughout the year because they are protected from the elements and have such a wide variety of uses. Not only are they great for indoor sports, but they can also be used for many other functions. Here, we’ll go over some of the most popular ones.

Workout Classes

Hot, cold or wet weather does not have to be a reason not to work out. An indoor field is the perfect place to hold workout classes because it provides an open area that always has the perfect conditions. Both dedicated workout classes as well as corporate exercise programs can find a great fit in such a location.

Phys Ed

Schools can use an indoor field for physical education classes. They can cover all varieties of sports, including flag football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and others. The artificial turf provides a realistic grass playing experience to students, making it perfect for these sports and other games or exercises.

School Extracurricular Activities

Outdoor school activities aren’t limited to sports alone, but they also involve marching band, cheerleading, and other events. An indoor field is a great place to put a band through its paces and prepare the squad for an upcoming game.

Corporate Events

Corporate events such as recreational activities or team building exercises can be a great way to bring people in an organization together and build unity. An indoor field is the perfect location to carry out those activities, and the facilities have the benefit of being air-conditioned.

Homeschool Sports Programs

Kids who are homeschooled may have limited physical education or school sports opportunities, which is why there are a number of homeschool sports programs available. Since they may not have a physical school location to go to, an indoor playing field is an excellent place for these programs.

Birthday Parties

Kids of all ages love birthday parties that let them run and be physically active. An indoor location that offers a climate controlled artificial turf field can be used to play flag football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, whiffle ball, kickball or just about any other game that can be played on turf.

Renting an Indoor Field

Indoor fields can be rented either for a single use or on a recurring basis, depending on your needs. Apex Indoor Sports provides indoor field rentals to organizations throughout North Texas.

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