Choosing the Right Soccer Shoe

Shoes are the most important pieces of equipment for a soccer player. Proper shoes make the player more effective and safer on the field. There are so many shoe styles and types on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the proper shoe for your game.

Decoding the Lingo

The surface of the playing field is an important consideration when selecting a soccer shoe. The alphabet soup of soccer shoe lingo can be challenging to decode. This soccer-shoe primer will help you select the right shoes for the right surface:

  • SG = Soft Ground. These shoes are for use on ground that’s soft enough for the studs to dig into the field. SG shoes are a good choice for playing in areas with a lot of rain. The studs on these shoes are usually replaceable.
  • FG = Firm Ground. These shoes are best for playing on natural grass in areas without regular rain. Many companies have adjusted the design of their FG shoes, so people can also use them on artificial turf.
  • AG = Artificial Ground. These shoes are perfect for play on artificial turf surfaces because they can produce remarkable traction. You should not use these shoes on FG.
  • HG = Hard Ground. This category of shoe is being phased out, but it was designed to be used on hard, bare ground. The design assists the player with balance through the placement of many conical studs. They can also be used on FG.
  • IN = Indoor. Court soccer players benefit from indoor shoes, and they are great for any surface that’s very flat and solid.
  • AT = Turf. These shoes have been around for a while and are a favorite for use on artificial surfaces. The number of small, conical rubber studs provide effective traction and comfort.

Play Indoors with an Outdoor Feel

The soccer field at Apex Indoor Sports was recently resurfaced using Prestige Turf. This high-end, synthetic surface simulates natural grass, so players get the experience of playing on grass coupled with the convenience of scheduling a game without having to consider the unpredictable Texas climate.

To protect the integrity of the turf and maximize player safety, Apex allows only shoes appropriate for indoor play. Look for shoes with the AG, AT, or IN ratings. Check out the options at Mansfield’s premier indoor soccer field!

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