Benefits of Team Sports for Kids

Team sports, including indoor soccer and flag football, are great for kids in many ways. The specific benefits range from physical fitness to emotional health—with numerous others in between.

Fitness and Exercise

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that sports provide great exercise. Kids are able to run, develop strength, agility, and reflexes, and improve their overall physical health. Exercise is also shown to also improve mental health, which means it contributes toward a more positive outlook.

Scholastic Performance

The discipline, focus, and mental health reinforced in team sports can lead to better performance in school. This can help kids stay on task, study, and manage their time, leading to better grades and higher academic achievement.

Learning to Win and Lose

In life, it’s important to keep winning and losing in perspective. When things go well, it’s great. When they don’t go well, it’s not the end of the world—there’s always tomorrow, or in the case of team sports, there’s always the next game. Team sports give kids an opportunity to experience both victory and defeat, helping them put those events in proper perspective and maintain a stronger outlook on life.


Everyone needs friends, and team sports are a great way for kids to develop relationships with their peers. It helps them develop social skills as they interact with their teammates, members of opposing teams, and their coach. Also, team sports often involve the entire family, helping kids develop closer relationships with parents, siblings, and relatives.


Team sports give kids an environment where they learn to respect authority figures such as coaches and referees. In addition, they also learn respect for their peers, whether those are their teammates, friends, or members of other teams.


Increased fitness, the development of important skills, the opportunity to perform in front of loved ones, and enjoyment of a fun sport all contribute toward increased confidence for your child.

Flag football is a fun way for your child to engage in team sports without all the risks of traditional football. Apex Indoor Sports offers flag football for kids aged 5 to 12. The Spring season starts March 12, so be sure to enroll before then!

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