Lunchtime Soccer in North Texas

Soccer is without a doubt the most popular team game in the world. It’s not hard to tell why. There is never a dull moment in a game of soccer. From start to finish, every moment is filled with fun and excitement. Indoor soccer has an added fun factor because it’s faster and more energetic, can be played with a smaller (coed) team, and gives everyone the opportunity to score goals.

The benefits of playing soccer

For busy people, the best time and place to play soccer is during the lunch break on an indoor field. Let’s look at the benefits of playing lunchtime soccer:

  • Exercise Made Fun: Playing soccer is the best way to get exercise while having fun. It increases your aerobic capacity, improves your cardiovascular health, lowers your body fat, improves your muscle tone, builds strength, flexibility, and endurance, and increases bone mass and muscle strength. And the shifts between walking, running, and sprinting work wonders for your overall health.
  • Meet new people: Playing a friendly soccer match is a great way to make friends. Playing lunchtime coed soccer at Apex Indoor Sports, you’ll see many of the same faces each time, plus a few new ones, too. It’s a great way to meet other people like you that love soccer!
  • Burn off steam: Take out your frustrations with your boss on the field. Once the game starts, you’ll forget about work for a while.
  • Recapture the glory of youth: Missing the days when you had few cares but school and sports? Playing lunchtime soccer will take you back to those “good old days.”
  • More free time in the evening: When you use your lunch time to exercise, you won’t need to exercise after work. This means you’ll have more free time in the evening for other things.

The Advantages of Playing Soccer Indoors

There are several benefits of playing indoor soccer. They include:

  • Climate-controlled environment: Playing soccer in a climate-controlled environment means you don’t have to worry about excessive heat or cold. And indoors, there are no rainouts!
  • Fast-paced game with less stoppage: Because of the much smaller field, the game is fast-paced and there are fewer stoppages. This makes the game more exciting!
  • More touches per match: In an indoor soccer game, everyone gets more touches because the field is smaller.
  • Everyone can take a shot on goal: In an indoor soccer, everyone is a scorer and a defender. This means everyone gets a chance to score.

Apex Indoor Sports, in Mansfield, Texas, is one of the premier indoor soccer facilities in North Texas. The facility has a newly resurfaced state-of-the-art full-size indoor field (85 feet by 200 feet) with a Prestige Turf, a synthetic surface designed to simulate real grass and a better playing experience. Men and women can drop in and play coed, lunchtime soccer at Apex for just $10 per person per day. Call (682) 518-8844 or write to for more information.

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