Flag Football Enjoying Surging Popularity

Flag Football Enjoying Surging Popularity

Did you know that flag football is one of the fastest growing recreational sports in the nation? Formerly in the shadow of America’s favorite sport, flag football is now being enjoyed by kids across America as a substitute for its heavy-hitting bigger brother. Flag football is gaining traction not only as a kid’s sport, but as a recreational pastime for adults as well. 

Lower Risk of Injury

One of the most obvious differences between flag football and old fashioned American football is reduced chance of injury. Rather than plowing people into the ground, you simply grab their flag. When the flag is off, the player is down. Blocks, tackles, and heavy hits are strictly forbidden in this rising sport, making it far safer than its traditional counterpart. The lower risk of injury to participants of all ages makes the sport appealing to anyone looking for the rigors of a sport without the prospect of painful injuries or high medical bills.

Less Expensive

In traditional American football, the heavy impacts involved require expensive protective gear. Since flag football doesn’t have the same perils, it costs less in terms of equipment. This makes it an attractive option for those don’t have the money to spend on pricey gear. In addition, with the lower incidence of injury, parents will tend to have lower medical expenses to deal with as well.

Professional Flag Football League

Brain-child of founder and CEO Jeff Lewis, the recently formed American Flag Football League (AFFL) seeks to put flag football on the map for adult amateur athletes and football fans alike. He got the idea for the league on the sidelines of his son’s flag football game when he wondered what the sport would look like if played by pro football players. The first AFFL game took place in July 2017 and featured world class athletes like Michael Vick, Terrell Owens, and Chad Ochocinco.

Now, the AFFL has announced the 2018 US Open of Football, which is a nationwide competition matching up the top amateur players against the pros. The Over 1,000 teams will play in four regional tournaments in the spring of 2018. The top 256 teams will advance to a multi-round national tournament. These teams win cash prizes for advancing to the next round and a $100,000 prize for being America’s Champion. The Ultimate Final is a matchup of the Pro AFFL team (that wins a two-round pro tournament) against America’s Champion for the AFFL championship and $1 million dollars.

Youth Flag Football Is Available Now

With the advantages of this sport and its rising popularity, it’s no wonder more parents are enrolling their kids in flag football teams. Apex Indoor Sports has youth flag football leagues for kids ages 5 to 12. Play begins on March 12, 2018. Parents can form teams of 5-10 players and register them now. To register your team, contact us today at (682) 518-8844.

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