Drew Brees’ Plan for Flag Football

The sport of football has come under heavy scrutiny in the past few years due to the discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a degenerative brain disease that’s been discovered in people who’ve been subjected to repeated head trauma, largely ex-NFL players.

Current NFL quarterback Drew Brees wants to do something about the negative press the football has received. Brees believes there’s a way to promote the sport overall, and allow kids to play football in a fun, but safer way. His solution? Flag football. He’s so excited about the game’s appeal and potential that he has formed a youth flag football league in his adopted hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brees believes that flag football is a perfect solution for kids who want to play, and their parents who have concerns about concussions and other serious injuries that come with football. Brees feels flag football is a wonderful alternative to tackle, “because you’re still able to enjoy the game of football, but in a very fun, safe and yet competitive environment. And you can still learn all the same life lessons and values from a game of flag as you would tackle.”

Flag football follows the same rules as the tackle version, but with no pads, no helmet, and no violent collisions. It’s a great way for kids to learn the game, its rules and the joys and lessons that come from participating in team sports.

Parents might think they’ve missed the boat for flag football, but that’s not the case! Sign-ups for indoor spring leagues are happening now! Indoor flag football has some great benefits: it is always played at the perfect temperature and there are no cancelled games during rainy spring weather.

An eight-week season for Spring indoor flag football starts March 12, 2018 at Apex Indoor Sports Center at 1741 Commerce Drive in Mansfield. This premiere, family friendly indoor sports facility is under new ownership and has a new turf field. Parents, it’s not too early to get your team together. Put your 5 to 10 player roster together now and sign up at the Apex Indoor Sports website. If you have questions, call Apex Indoor Sports Center at (682) 518-8844.

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